NYC Guide

A capricious and arbitrary guide to my favorite dishes and restaurants in NYC


The Steakhouse

Minetta Tavern
City Hall - NY Strip, Delmonico

Keen's - Prime Rib, T Bone, NY Strip, Mutton chop

Minetta Tavern - Cote de Boeuf, NY Strip, Black Label burger,
Veal porterhouse (more)

Peter Luger's - Steak for 2, Ribsteak, NY Strip.

Porterhouse NY - Porterhouse for 2, Cowboy Ribsteak, NY Strip (more)

Primehouse - 65 day aged ribsteak, 35 day dry aged NY Strip,
Bone in Filet (more)

Smith and Wollensky- Prime Rib, Colarado Ribsteak, NY Strip, Porterhouse (more)

Old Homestead - Gotham Ribsteak

Sparks - NY Strip

Wolfgang's - Steak for 2, Ribsteak, NY Strip
Momofuku Ssam Bar

Steak in a non-steakhouse
Steak in a Seafood Restaurant
Prime Rib
Smith & Wollensky Prime Rib
Hill Country (more)
Minetta Tavern (Brunch only)
The Palm (more)


Shake Shack
Blue Collar

White Collar

Best Burgers by Style
Bacon Cheeseburger - The Little Owl
California Style - Blue 9
Cost no object - Minetta Tavern - Black Label burger
Diner - Joe Jr
Fast Food Style - Shake Shack
Green Chile Cheeseburger- Schnipper's Quality Kitchen
Pub Style - Molly's Pub
Sliders - Mark 
Steakhouse - City Hall
Stuffed - Juicy Lucy from Whitman's

See aslo - Top 5 Burgers NYC
                 Best Cheap Burgers


Blue Smoke Beef Ribs
Blue Smoke - Brisket, beef back ribs, pulled pork.
Daisy May's USA - Beef back rib, chopped beef sandwich.
Dinosaur BBQ - Pulled pork, spare ribs
Fatty 'Cue - Brisket, pork spare ribs, master fat
Fette Sau -Beef ribs, sausage
Hill Country - Brisket, Sausage, beef ribs, prime rib.
RUB - Burnt ends, brisket, pastrami, pulled pork, spare ribs.
Wildwood - Brisket, short rib, beef back ribs.


Mile End


This Little Piggy...




Roasted / Braised Meats
Beef Bourguignon - Le Rivage
Braised short rib - Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria
Duck - Momofuku Ssam (lunch only)
Mutton - Keen's
Prime Rib - Smith and Wollensky

Filet Mignon - Bone in Filet, Primehouse NY
NY Strip - Minetta Tavern
Porterhouse - Keen's

Ribsteak for one - Primehouse 65 day dry aged
Ribsteak for two - Minetta Tavern
Steak frites - Balhazar

Baby back ribs - RUB 
Beef back ribs - Blue Smoke

Brisket - Hill Country
Burnt Ends - RUB

Prime Rib - Hill Country 
Pulled Pork - RUB
Sausage - Hill Country
Short rib - Wildwood
St Louis Style spare rib - Daisy May's USA

Hamburgers and Sandwiches
Chicken Sandwich - Schnipper's Quality Kitchen
French Dip - Minetta Tavern (lunch only)
Gyro - Uncle Nick's
Hamburger - Black Label Minetta Tavern
Hot Dog - Crif Dogs
Meatball - The Meatball Shop
Pastrami -  Katz's Deli
Pork bun - Momofuku Ssam/Noodle Bar
Steak sandwich - Pat LaFrieda's @ CitiField
Tacos - La Esquina

Corned beef hash - The Stage Restaurant
Roast beef hash - Wollensky's Grill

Bone Marrow - Minetta Tavern
Fried Chicken - Charles Gabriel's
Fish 'n Chips - A Salt and Battery
Pancakes - Pershing Square
Peking Duck - Shun Lee Palace
Pizza whole pie - Motorino
Pizza by the slice - Patsy's
Ramen - Ippudo
Shabu Shabu - Yakiniku West
Sushi - 15 East
Vienna Schnitzel - Seasonal


British - The Breslin
Chinese - RedFarm
German - Seasonal
Indian - Tamarind
Italian - Marea
Japanese - 15 East
Mexican - Empellon Cucina
Thai - Kin Shop
Vietnamese - Sao Mai

My 10 Favorite NYC Restaurants
The Breslin
Katz's Deli
Minetta Tavern
Momofuku Ssam Bar
Per Se
Smith & Wollensky