Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich at Citi Field

The night before I left for England, from where I am writing, Pat LaFrieda called me up to tell me of his new steak sandwich and to schedule a photo shoot.  The fact that I was leaving for two weeks meant that I would either have to shoot the sandwich that night or not at all.  We scheduled a very impromptu shoot. Obviously we weren't going to get a studio with a kitchen on an hours notice at 8PM but the fine folks over at Osteria Morini were kind enough to let us use their basement and prep kitchen for the task. A big thanks to the whole crew there and the ravishing Olivia Young for making it happen.

Now I admit that I was somewhat skeptical when Pat told me that the sandwich was to contain filet mignon. Filet is the most tender muscle on the steer but because of its leanness it tends to lack flavor. I needn't have worried - Pat brought the flavor to the cut with the use of a toothsome au jus and carmalized onions aided and abetted with gobs of melted Monterey jack cheese. It turned out to be the best steak sandwich I can remember eating.

I don't follow baseball but from what I hear this will finally give Mets fans something to cheers about.

Available exclusively at Citi Field from 7 August. Price $15.