Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game of Bones at Smith & Wollensky

I had another epic one on Saturday night at Smith & Wollensky. Not so much a meal as a ritual. No menus required, the same order every time - rare prime rib (reserved ahead of time as it tends to sell out), hash browns, creamed spinach. Lots of wine. The kitchen was as consistent as ever.

The company couldn't have been better either - my partner in crime Larry Chicane and our long time mate and member of the Brotherhood of Smoke Maya. We have been dining here together for almost two decades, usually before PPV boxing events. This weekend it was the spirited bout between the uncharacteristically gracious in victory Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. The dinner that preceded it was just as spirited and turned on its head a paradigm that has emerged over the years of steak and PPV - the better the dinner the worse the fight. Not so last night.

Larry and I ordered  prime rib, Maya a ribsteak. I order the prime rib every time I eat here, it has been years since I tried a steak at S&W,  but the couple of bites Maya slid my way were sensational. But not enough to sway me from the prime rib. 

Which I am graving right now at 6:55AM and S&W doesn't open until noon. Larry, call me, let's do lunch!

The Smith & Wollensky Prime Rib Continues to Impress

Smith & Wollensky
797 Third Avenue at 49th Street  New York, NY 10022

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