Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Wren

I didn't love the fish 'n chips at this pseudo-British pub (note a complete lack of any British beers) The fish was good with a crunchy beer batter but the "chips" where wan - soggy, flavorless, stuck together. I am confounded by how poorly the chip part of fish 'n chips in the US are generally handled.

But no matter, skip the fish 'n chips and stick with anything with beef in it and you will do just fine (this is a rule I generally adhere to, as you might imagine) Both the oxtail marmalade on toast and the Guinness braised steak and Stilton were wonderful but best of all was the beef jerky which was moist, soft and spicy and ate more like heavily rubbed barbecue. A heritage pork sausage sandwich was good but the bread served with it was too dense and unyielding.  
Heritage Pork Sausage Sandwich

Guinness Braised Beef and Stilton Pie

Pickled Veg

Pint of Prawns

All in all an enjoyable place to visit -  comfortable room, good service and decent bites if you stick to the beef.

The Wren
344 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

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