Sunday, February 19, 2012

RedRarm Ribsteak

This might be a first but I am actually going to recommend a steak that costs almost $40 and is not dry aged. The steak in question comes from RedFarm, the latest hit from Dim Sum master Joe Ng and inventor of the wok Ed Schoenfeld (OK maybe he didn't actually invent the wok...)

The dish starts off as a Black Angus steer reared by the fine folks at Creekstone farms. RedFarm uses only USDA grade Prime beef which is subjected to treatment that most any Western chef would consider torture - according to my pal Josh Ozersky (who knows a thing or two about torture) it is apparently run under water for a protracted period of time. Such an unorthodox technique makes the ensuing marination in papaya and soy seem almost normal. The steak is then seared, sliced, sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with bok choy.

The result is an surprisingly beefy tasting steak. While the expected, respective notes of sweetness and salt from the papaya and soy are present the fact that one is eating a quality piece of beef is not lost. Texturally the cut is firm but tender, never veering into the mushy as a lesser piece of beef might. The outside has a pleasing char, aided and abetted by the caramelized sugars from the marinade. The steak may be wet aged and wet bathed but it I can't argue with the result -Highly recommended

529 Hudson Street  New York, NY 10014

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Healthy Mike said...

It sounds great and I'd love it but can't afford it!