Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Empellon Cocina

Prime beef rib eye cap with menudo and puffed tendon
Opening night at Empellon Cocina. Smoky margaritas and smoked ricotta. A chunky guacamole laced with pistachios on masa crisps. Pork rib meat with white bean puree, masa balls and a salsa verde. Highlight is a beef rib eye cap (the spinalis dorsi muscle) with a dense menudo and crunchy puffed tendons. More cocktails in lieu of dessert. A most agreeable meal. Not cheap but worth it.  Clean, vibrant and familiar flavors presented in a modern way - evocation and innovation. A very good start.

House made guacamole with pressure-cooked pistachio nuts
Masa crisps
Smoked Ricotta with three salsas
Tamale Colado
Pork ribs, white bean puree, masa balls, salsa verde.
Empellon Cocina
105 First Avenue (Sixth Street)

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