Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This Little Piggy....Had Roast Beef

This Little Piggy... is the brainchild of Francis Garcia and Sal Basille of Artichoke Pizza fame. Artichoke is an obvious homage to DiFara Pizza and with This Little Piggy they have brought another taste of Brooklyn to Manhattan - the signature sandwich here - dubbed "This Way" is a splitting image of the one sold at Brennan and Carr in Sheapshead Bay.

Slow roasted beef round is sliced paper thin and served on fresh baked rolls from Cammareri Bros. bakery in Brooklyn. The cheez-whiz that is ladled on is anything but a random brand, Garcia claims that he tried almost every option on the market before coming up with the right one. He claims it is more expensive than the mozzarella he uses.

But what really make the sandwich is the hearty au jus that the sandwich is soaked in before being handed to you. I recommend eating this one at the location. Getting it wrapped to go will inevitably lead to a sandwich that will completely fall apart. Either way though the sandwich make for good eating. Order the beef as rare as possible and you will be rewarded with tender, flavorful beef. The cheese adds a tangy punch and the bread, even in a soaked state, acts as the perfect canvas.

There are other options on the menu - a credible pastrami and the option of substituting mozzarella for the whiz and a hero for the roll. But to me the This Way on a roll is the crowning achievement and the one I would eat all the way home.

This Little Piggy 149 1st Avenue New York, NY 10003

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