Friday, February 19, 2010

Staten Island: Lee's Tavern

I venture out to Staten Island for pizza, review over at Slice.

A Nontraditional Pub Burger at Tanuki Tavern in the Meatpacking District

Review over at AHT

NYC: Luzzo's New Quadrata Square Pie (Plus Two New Pizza-Related Menu Items)

What is old is new again at Luzzo's, review over at Slice.

This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

The Artichoke Pizza boys start a roast beef spot, details over at SE:NY

Bethlehem, PA: Emeril's Burgers and More Will Leave You Wanting More

Another celebrity chef gets in on the burger game, details over at AHT

NYC Quintessential: Ray's Pizza, Prince Street

Review over at Slice

The Art of the Lunch Deal

I have a new weekly column appearing on Serious Eats:New York that covers high end lunch deals. Here are my first reviews:


Chinatown Brasserie


Columbus, Ohio: Johnnie's Tavern, Home of the Super Johnnie Burger

I eat the Super Burger at Johnnies Tavern, review over at AHT.

Fanelli's Cafe (Yes, It Serves Pizza)

Review over at Slice

Pittsburgh: Does Tessaro's Serve America's Greatest Pub Burger?

"Many burger joints brag about getting beef delivered daily from a butcher, but how many places actually have a butcher in house?"

Review of Tessaro's over at AHT.

Motorino: No Sleep 'til Naples

I review Motorino over at Slice.

First Look: Opening Night at Colicchio and Sons

Photos over at Serious Eats:NY

Three Burgers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Stewed, Screwed and Lassoed

Traveling through Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on Christmas Eve, searching for a burger rather than food fit for a manger, I happen upon some of the oddest burgers I have yet to eat.

Details over at AHT.

Patsy's Pizza, East Harlem

The first of my weekly NYC pizza review is up over at Slice.

Confessions of a Pizza Addict

My full confession over at Slice

The Case Against Ketchup

For the better part of my hamburger eating life (which is the better part of my life as a whole) I put ketchup on virtually every hamburger I ate. It was only when I started looking at the hamburger beyond my home in New York City that I realized that ketchup was far from ubiquitous on hamburgers, as I had imagined.

Read the rest over at AHT

Familiar to Millions: Weber Grill Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana

Review over at AHT