Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Serious Deal: Convivio

Photograph by Kathy YL Chang

In this economy, especially with all the $35 deals being offered about town (will Restaurant Week ever end?), $59 is not a cheap dinner. But on the other hand, if that price gets you an entire four-course meal with over 50 dishes to choose from—the worst of which is highly competent and the best of which is utterly ethereal—well, that might just be the best bargain in Italian fine dining going right now...details over at Serious Eats NY

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Delivery Showdown: Goodburger Versus Stand

Ladies and germs, welcome to the AHT delivery showdown. This is an elimination bout for the NYC Delivery Belt. In the red corner, weighing in at 7 ounces of flame-broiled goodness, fighting out of Union Square, is Goodburger! And the opponent in the blue corner, weighing in at a reported 8 ounces of flame-broiled beefiness, fighting out of Greenwich Village, give it up for Stand! Scoring will be on the 10-point mustard system, where the winner of the round is awarded 10 points and the loser 9 or fewer. And now, let's get ready to sizzle...details over at AHT

Solares Interviewed at Pigtrip

My brother in beef and barbecue Gary interviews me over at Pigtrip

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Making of the Momofuku Milk Bar Volcano

When Momofuku Milk Bar opened late last year, one of the unexpected items on the menu was "the Volcano," a savory potato dish encased in bread. Even though the Volcano has gone through further refinement since then, the original version took several months of development from the point of conception. The rest of the story over at Serious Eats NY

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop: Good But Not Great

"At Eisenberg's eating a cheeseburger," read my Facebook friend's status update. "How is it?" I posted on his comment, to which he replied, "Not bad." I might have left it at that had I not recently watched Anthony Bourdain on TV enjoy a tuna sandwich and lime Ricky at the circa-1929 sandwich shop located in the Flatiron District; he promised me a nostalgic sojourn replete with "1970s prices." He was right about the nostalgia.....details over at AHT