Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Smith & Wollensky

Please forgive the awful photography, I was giddy from the experience of having my name immortalized on a plaque in the hallowed halls of what still remains my favorite steakhouse - Smith & Wollensky. I have been dining there almost as long as I have lived on these shores which is approaching the quarter century mark and I still find their prime rib of beef the finest I have had.

Shabu Shabu House in Los Angeles

Yoshinobu Maruyama emigrated from his native Japan to the United States over three decades ago. After many years of work as a restaurant consultant and international trader he decided it was time to introduce shabu shabu to America.The full story over at Serious Eats

The Prime Burger: Past its Prime

I can't have it both ways. I love to wallow in nostalgia and I love a hamburger that has remained unchanged for decades. But I also love what the hamburger renaissance has brought us in terms of custom hamburger blends. Increasingly I tend to find that our contemporary vision of the hamburger—our expectations regarding meat-to-bun ratios and the quality and cut of the beef itself—tends to render even cherished and revered institutions passe. More over at AHT

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mustard In My Fridge

Despite the fact that we are supposed to be in spring, the weather has been particularly winter-like in New York the last two days. I thought that a little spring cleaning might hasten in the season we have been waiting for so I cleaned out my fridge. I soon realized that I had no less than five varieties of mustard lurking in there. Details over at SE