Tuesday, December 2, 2008

UK Dining: A 'Burger Van' Hamburger Made of Quality Ingredients at Borough Market in London

"This hamburger is ultimately an exulted version of the notorious British burger van method of preparation " Details over at AHT


DocChuck said...

In my opinion you were rather easy-going on your critique of the Borough Market's burger. We thought it was terrible.

While my wife and I enjoy strolling through the market -- and we always come away with a hefty bag full of goodies -- I have yet to find a really good burger in the UK.

But, I will say this, the burgers that we have tried in Scotland's pubs are even WORSE than the one you reviewed.

We still love the UK (particularly Scotland and Ireland), but they have a lot to learn about making good burgers (at least "good" to our tastes).

PS: Excuse my bad mood. I just suffered through a two-hour root canal procedure this morning :(

Barbara Krieg said...
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