Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Visit to Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats

I visit Pat La Frieda Meats over at AHT


DocChuck said...

Obviously, I will not be able to enjoy La Frieda's burger blend, first hand . . . such as in NYC.

But, now that I am back home for two weeks, (before our next adventure), I have a bit of free time on my hands.

So, I will crank up our old Kitchen Aid and attempt to duplicate this blend.

Hopefully, it will be as good as Dr. E.'s ground bison blend . . . but we will see.

And, I will report back, assuming that your new commenter "Doug Vernon" doesn't have a problem with that.

DocChuck said...

Okay, with the help of my favorite butcher here in Columbia, along with some help from my Food Lion butcher in Elkridge, I attempted to whip up a batch of this hamburger mix that has you guys in NYC so excited.

Using my trusty, 20-year-old Kitchen Aid meat grinder (with the coarse blade), I ground a mixture of 25% each --- dry-aged ribeye, untrimmed skirt, trimmed brisket, and short rib meat (trimmed of the fat layer).

We hand blended (gently) the mix after it came out of the grinder, formed it into 8-ounce patties, and permitted the patties to reach room temp.

We then fried them in a (equivalent to a HOT restaurant griddle) 16-inch Lodge cast-iron skillet, lightly coated with fresh bacon grease.

The burgers were very good. We really enjoyed them.

But were they good enough to make us wet our pants, so to speak? Were they good enough to make us want to spend a portion of our life “blogging” about them? I guess I would have to say, emphatically, NO.

If you New York City folks REALLY want to center your lives around a burger mix that is delicious, you may want to try my wife’s ground bison (from Ted Turner’s South Dakota herd) blend which incorporates my relative’s range-fed longhorn cattle from their ranch in Brenham, Texas.

I realize that OUR blend may not impress the NYC “Burger Aficionados”, but I assure you that we southern folks will have a better burger for one hell of a lot less money then your hyped “La Frieda” mix.

But then, we are not attempting to “market” a so-called “chic” hamburger meat on which we hope to make us rich. We are just attempting to make some really good hamburger meat.

Bon Apetit! (or whatever)