Thursday, November 6, 2008

I is a graduate

If you see a marked improvement in my writing in the future you can give me full credit for taking the initiative to further my craft. If, on the other hand, you think my writing has gotten worse blame Alan Richman. On a serious note the course offered by Alan at the International Culinary Center (formally known as, and now incorporating the French Culinary Institute) is, as he will tell you at the onset, not a food writing course but a crash course in journalism. I cannot recommend it highly enough - it will help both the novice and the seasoned writer alike hone their skills and further their potential. I would like to thank Alan, Emily, the guest lecturers and the class for what was an enjoyable, but more importantly enlightening experience.

The Craft of Food Writing


danny said...

whoa, that looks super cool.

now i need to start saving.

danny said...

whoa that looks super cool. now i will go save up for this

Umami Mama said...

this is fantastic. i originally became a line cook because i wanted to do some serious food writing. i recently started my blog, and have had some great responses from co-workers, but the two are completely engrossing. i wasn't sleeping because i was too busy writing, and now the busy season is up and i'm too tired to write!

DocChuck said...

I is too.

As an old-timer who has spent most of his life in the field of education, I have ALWAYS been pleased when a student (in any field of endeavor) felt a sense of pride in his or her accomplishment.

Therefore, I congratulate you upon your ICC Certificate of Completion.

Now, maybe you should consider a degree in Journalism . . . there are a few bucks to made in that profession.