Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rachael Ray's Burger Bash


Rachael Ray's Burger Bash, part of the NYC Food and Wine Festival, took place last night, and for once the pimple-faced, grease-stained burger geeks became the beautiful people. Full story over at AHT


DocChuck said...

You posted:

" . . . and for once the pimple-faced, grease-stained burger geeks became the beautiful people."


"Adam came along last-minute and got in on a 20-minute press pass, complete with an escort"

Buddy, you have sold your soul to the wrong fuckin* group of people, simply to get yourself "noticed."

Sorry, but a once-respected blogger has now become another pathetic creature of the "SeriousEats" swamp.

OKAY, you can delete this post now, but it WILL come back to haunt you.


Nick said...

Serious Eats pays me to review burgers. The only thing I have sold is my writing which for an amateur food blogger is a dream come true.

I will ignore your pejorative comments because you appear to be angry with Serious Eats for reasons real or imagined (I suspect the latter)

Frankly, I am disappointed in your comments. I thought that we had a rapport and I have always defended you as a commentator on this blog even when offered by others to help get my blog "noticed" if I banned you.

Your post will stay published not because I fear some form of "haunting" but because it reveals far more about you than it does me.

Umami Mama said...

Very Well Said, Nick!

DocChuck said...

And I am equally disappointed with your reply.

Especially the comment, "when offered by others to help get my blog 'noticed' if I banned you."

I am quite certain that you are intelligent enough not to buy into such tactics . . . at least, I would hope.

And, finally, I am NOT into the "haunting" business, as you suggest.

But there are more than a few individuals out there (members of a group calling themselves the "CassandraCrossing") who are.

And, remember, your derogatory comments about the "burger geeks", once posted, will remain out there in CyberSpace for a long time to come.

Cheers, Nick!

And I hope your "dreams" come true, as an "amateur food blogger."

Nick said...

Obviously I did not buy in to their tactics since your comments continued long after the Cassandra crossing crew showed up here.

As for my comment on the "burger geeks" I thought it was obviously tongue in cheek, and I certainly count myself amongst them. I mean who else would eat a burger a day for a month as I did and review one a week for AHT but a burger geek?

DocChuck said...

Okay, then.


Kentresca said...

I love Rachael Ray and was surprised not to see you mention anything about HER in your article.


I was also surprised to see that the burgers they were serving at the festival were so huge. Even I can't eat more than 2 or 3 regular size ones. How could folks sample them? I sure hope people didn't throw away perfectly good food.

Anonymous said...

This thread is being discussed on a few other food boards, so I had to see it myself.

What a strange man! His My Space page is quite telling.

Fred said...

Yeah, DocChuck is well known for spewing his inanity-and-hate-filled garbage on dozens, perhaps even hundreds of food-related websites. He has been banned from many such sites. His chief claim to "fame" is that he likes to talk about how successful and well-educated he is, and yet, his comments make it clear that the man has barely a lick of sense. He also likes to insult the rest of the readership of any blog he gets on - for example, on Midtown Lunch (NYC-centric) he states (in probably 4 of every 5 posts) as a fact that 25% of all NYC inhabitants have herpes. The blog owner here (Nick) seems to have some fondness or at least empathy for him, reason unknown.