Thursday, October 9, 2008

La Frieda Black Label

Behold the La Frieda Black Label. Details over at AHT.


DocChuck said...

Ahh, yes, I remember when some slick New York City marketers put their heads together, after being paid handsomely, to peddle a gawd-awful ugly fish named Dissostichus eleginoides, also known as the Patagonian toothfish.

They brilliantly decided to rename the fish “Sea Bass”, so that it could be sold to a gullible Yuppie public at many times the former price.

I mean, the New York City restaurants could peddle “Sea Bass” to the “look-at-me”, “I-am-a Yuppie” type restaurant patrons in NYC.

Now we have “La Frieda Black Label” . . . a “burger blend” that will be used in a hamburger, yep, a HAMBURGER, that will sell “north of $20”.

I am SOOooo glad that I was able to work hard enough to earn an education, unlike the masses in New York City.

Nick said...

I think you will find that the people who can actually afford burgers that cost this much are overwhelmingly educated to a high degree.

Fred said...

Agreed, Nick - but a moron like DocChuck will probably not be able to understand this

DocChuck said...

My dearest "Fred" (probably a pseudonym):

It isn't very dignified to display your extraordinary inadequacies in public.

My wife and I eat ground bison exclusively, so "La Frieda Black Label" means nothing to me, anyway. Should that excite you.