Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Delicatessen Ruins Their Cheeseburger with a Brioche Bun

I review the Delicatessen burger over at AHT


Mary Noyes said...

I HATE it when restaurants use brioche buns for their burgers. They are totally the wrong crumb for a juicy burger. They get all mealy. Olus there's usually too much bread.

I am not sure why brioche buns were invented in the first place.

DocChuck said...

My limited experience with brioche has been in France, where I have had it served as a bread with breakfast (in place of American-style toast). A bit perplexed on how to “dress” it, I observed my fellow French diners, and noted that they used butter, jam, fruit preserves, and similar condiments.

I cannot recall ever experiencing brioche in the UK, at breakfast or with any other meal. But perhaps I just happened to choose what I felt was a more appropriate bread, such as the “fried” for breakfast.

As far as using it on a hamburger, particularly an American-style hamburger, it would not be acceptable to me. Indeed, I cannot imagine anyone using sweet bread to assemble a burger.

I mean, I enjoy Hawaiian bread (made using pineapple juice) with my tuna and/or crab salad . . . but a HAMBURGER?

No way!

Doug Vernon said...

I agree %100 with docchuck and mary.

Brioche is way too sweet to be used with a hamburger. It's best left to breakfast or to a lobster roll. Plus it does get mealy.

Count me as opne who prefers to let the beef do the talking.