Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Washington DC: Georgetown Burgers

I review a couple of Georgetown burgers over at A Hamburger Today


DocChuck said...

Haven’t been to either of the joints you reviewed. But that “autopsy” photo of your burger at Clyde’s did it for me.

Since my wife, Doctor E., will be at a convention in Connecticut for the next week or so, I will take the liberty of swinging into DC (on my normal Saturday sojourn to the Lexington Market) to try out that orgasmic looking burger (my wife would not approve . . . but, whatever).

I will let you know if I get a burger that looked that great or not.

Hopefully, you did not just “luck out”, and that Clyde’s regularly serves burgers like that which you enjoyed (per your photo).

And if not, I will probably enjoy the wonderful crab cakes that I pick up at Faidley’s and the orgasmic deep-fried chicken gizzards from the LM (Gawd, I love it when my wife goes to conventions and leaves me at the Avalon, unsupervised).

DocChuck said...


After a round of golf Saturday morning, a friend and I visited Clyde's-Georgetown for lunch ... and to check out their burger.

We had to wait over thirty minutes, which did not set well with either of us.

But once we got in, we were impressed with the decor. Almost like a "Cheers" type pub atmosphere.

Both of us were pleased with our burgers. Mine, ordered "medium rare", was served pretty much as I had hoped. It was good. But it was NOT worth waiting 30 minutes for.

In the meantime, the Red Robin of Columbia sent my wife an email invitation (she is still in CT for a convention) for a FREE burger for her birthday gift.

Now if it weren't for the hordes of undisciplined yuppie kids at Red Robin, I would say I would prefer to go there for a burger, instead of Clyde's.

But the world is obviously not attuned to my wishes.

Oh, and by the way, the crab cakes at Faidley's (even when re-heated at home) were simply delicious.

The deep-fried chicken gizzards from the Lexington Market are still in the fridge (Sunday night's snack).

Anonymous said...

Thank God the world is not attuned to your vulgar and scatalogical wishes.

delschnell said...

YES! I agree with you "Anonymous".

This guy DocChuck REALLY offends us at the CassandraCrossing.