Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ted's Steamed "cheeseburg"

I review the unique steamed, yes steamed, "cheeseburg" as it is called at Ted's in Meriden, CT over at AHT


delschnell said...

I have never had the pleasure of enjoying one of their world famous steamed burgers.

But I will make a special effort to visit Ted's soon and to compose a photo essay upon the famous eatery for my NYC gallery.

chiff0nade said...

I just love your blog, Nick, when that obnoxious jerk DocChuck is not allowed to post on it.

A lot of your reader's are turned off by him which is why you don't get many "hits" on yur website.

If you ban him, I can promise that my associates at the Cassandra Crossing can boost your ratings overnite.

Nick said...

Thanks for the offer but I am here to write about beef, not police the comments section and ban people. I wouldn't even know how to ban someone without closing down the comments section altogether.

I would hope that my readers are here to read what I have to say, rather than the comments section. I think it would be peculiar for someone to avoid reading Beef Aficionado because they don't like another reader/commenter. How drab the world would be if we all shared the same opinion.

As for "hits" on my website, they seem to be constantly growing. Considering I don't sell advertising, I don't have a burning need to boost my ratings.

DocChuck may offend a lot of people, he even offends me on occasion, but in the spirit of free speech I don't want to ban anyone.

Emmitt C. Barrow said...


That IS DocChuck posting as other people, using fake blog profiles he's created for them.

DocChuck said...

Reverend Emmitt C. Barrow, a god-fearing preacher down there in my home-state of Texas, is obviously an "expert" on me.

Although, I am not quite certain how the Reverend Barrow has acquired his detailed knowledge of me . . . I would assume that his knowledge was delivered in a dream . . . from god, no less.

My "critics" will go to great lengths in their attempts to silence me.

Well, GOOD LUCK Lynne Schnell and your coven at the Cassandra Crossing.

Anonymous said...

They taste gross.. id have to say there wasnt anything good about it besides the melty cheese on top besides that it was a meatball in the bun and wasnt anything to rave about... now if you go to Barbados, there is a lady on the side of the street that sells the best burgers in the world..
As for Meridens Teds, id rather eat a whopper.. SORRY but they suck