Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Louis' Lunch

I review Louis' Lunch over at A Hamburger Today


DocChuck said...

Well, Nick, my wife and I have been there. Actually twice.

The first time was incidental, on our way to Maine (we had to program the Garmin to find the place), on the recommendation of some food blog (RoadFood, if I remember correctly).

The second time, eight months later, was to see if our first visit was on "a bad day", or if the unpleasantness experienced the first time was their normal mode of operation, attitude wise (we had been asked to write a review for TripAdvisor).

I will not comment further because I'm sure someone (or a lot of people, more probably) would find our opinion of "Louis' Lunch" to be quite offensive to them, at least.

Not our idea of a place to enjoy a lunch.

Tomticker said...

docchuck is either from Athens, Texas or he's a guy who enjoys those all you can eat pizza joints. Anyway, the ground steak hamburger at Louis' Lunch is flame broiled in a very unique way. I haven't found another restaurant in the U.S. that still uses the 1898 Bridge and Beach vertical cast-iron stoves. The unique broiling method enhances the beef taste. Next time go there on a Saturday night around 11 PM for a real sampling of Louis' Lunch atmosphere.

DocChuck said...

Well, Tom, you're wrong on both points. Actually, I'm from HOUSTON, Texas, and I do not enjoy “those all you can eat pizza joints."

I don't eat pizza at all, if I can help it. Pizza is for people who cannot afford REAL food, such as those folks in NYC who are too busy to prepare their own meals, but who have the time to spend an hour waiting in a line to buy a hamburger.

My visits to Louis' were disappointing not so much in the sandwich (mediocre as it was) that they served, but more in the "attitude" that they exuded.

Hey, if I find it necessary to visit an eatery and to spend my money on a lunch/dinner/breakfast/snack . . . whatever . . . I do not need some jerk attempting to insult me with his obvious narcissistic ego and his rather undeveloped mentality.

Louis' Lunch serves nothing that anybody with a "George Foreman" grill, a Wal-Mart toaster (made in China), a loaf of Pepperidge Farm bread, and a package of potato chips, could not prepare at home.

And more cheaply, AND without the "attitude."

Sorry, but I still think that we will bypass Louis’ Lunch in the future.

Tomticker said...

I'm curious why people, like yourself, continue to make the comment about using a George Foreman grill. Foreman doesn't make a vertical gas-fired broiler that uses hinged steel-wire gridirons. You're a contributor for TripAdvisor, yet your comments are more focused on how you were mistreated at Louis' Lunch not about the ground steak hamburger sandwich, which is what brought you there in the first place. Some people, like yourself, go to Louis' Lunch expecting some sort of a miracle of a hamburger. Louis' doesn't advertise they make one. You know well in advance what you're going to get because it hasn't changed in 108 years. Speaking for some, that's the single reason people patronize Louis'; consistency & atmosphere. People go there to experience the little place & buy a hamburger that's been cooked in 110 year old antique cast-iron stoves using New Haven made steel-wire hinged gridirons.

DocChuck said...

Well, Tom (do you have a link, like I, so that we could communicate by email?), I didn't realize that this comment section had morphed into a "chat room", or into a venue in which to insult other posters who may have an opinion differing from yours.

But since it has, allow me to respond to your comment "cast-iron stoves using New Haven made steel-wire hinged gridirons" which I believe that you repeated twice, apparently to emphasize your fascination with Louis' antique cooking device.

The "stove" would be welcomed as an addition to the Smithsonian, I am quite certain.

But, if I should desire a tasty, grilled, ground beef sandwich . . . why would you deny me the pleasure of using George's grill and some good Pepperidge Farm bread?

Just askin', as an old "Athens, Texas, pizza lover".

Sonny from Mountain Home said...

"I didn't realize that this comment section had morphed into a "chat room", or into a venue in which to insult other posters who may have an opinion differing from yours."

Funny. DocChuck's entire Raison d'ĂȘtre is to troll internet sites and viciously insult the other posters. Or pretend to be someone he's not. Or just be a pompous gasbag.

Obviously, in this case he is ill-qualified to comment, given his antiquated views, odd tastes, and self-proclaimed aversion to restaurants.

DocChuck said...

Welcome back, "chiff0nade" or as your new SeriousEats handle, "therealchiffonade".

I feel certain that everyone here, and elsewhere, appreciates your CassandraCrossing evaluation.

However, Del, at Avalon Imagery, and your partner at CassandraCrossing, seems concerned about your present mental condition, in light of the anti-depressant drugs you have been taking.

Aside from that, thank you for your comments . . . whatever "handle" you choose to use.

Barbara Krieg said...


You are a sad and delusional old man.

'Nuff said.

Tomticker said...

It's not something new to defend Louis' Lunch claim to selling fast-food hamburgers & steak sandwiches since 1895. But, what bothers me the most, is when critics go there expecting a Big Mac or 1/4 pounder & attack the simple hamburger that Louis' makes. If you want a hamburger/cheeseburger with all the extras, you'll have to go somewhere else. Louis' is in a class of its own.