Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beef Aficionado on Sirius Satellite Radio

I will be appearing on "EatDrink" with Lucinda Scala Quinn broadcast live Thursday July 31st from 4 - 5 PM Eastern on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio channel 112 to talk about hamburgers. For those that do not subscribe you can try out a free three day internet trial subscription that will allow you to stream to your PC.


DocChuck said...

I will be listening. Best wishes for a successful venture.

Gregarious said...

Very Cool!


DelSchnell said...

I love that show!

What will you be saying about America's favorite food (the hamburger)?

chiff0nade said...

Like Delirium, I really enjoy that Sirius Satellite Radio.

It helps keep me sane down here in Clearwater, Florida, where I get so lonely, and I long to return to my roots in Brooklyn.

Delschnell and all our members are rooting for you.