Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shake Shack

I review NYC's famous Shake Shack over at A Hamburger Today


DocChuck said...

I have never had a Shake Shack burger, but I HAVE enjoyed In-N-Out's burgers in Phoenix, in San Francisco, and in Los Angeles.

But here's the bottom line: my wife and I, when visiting the West Coast, and who LOVE good burgers, simply drive into an In-N-Out burger restaurant, walk into a spotlessly clean, cheerful looking restaurant with nice clean employees sporting no tattoos or body piercings, or greasy hair, and we order a burger.

The meal is tasty.

We did NOT stand in a line (we do NOT stand in lines), we did not waste our time (I guess folks in New York have nothing but time on their hands), and we enjoyed a good hamburger.

Our past In-N-Out burger meals did NOT make us wet our pants (panties), it did NOT give us a virtual orgasm, it did NOT provide us a reason for endless blogging, endless "reviews", endless "chat", endless newspaper columns ... it was just a decent burger (fast-food) meal.

New York City people don't have one hell of a lot to do, do they? Well, maybe a few folks at SE do.

I hope that we never feel the need to stand in a frickin’ hour-long line to buy a simple hamburger.

Have a great day, Nick.

Nick said...

Well I never stand in line myself at the Shack but ironically I did wait for about 15 minutes at In N Out on Sunset a few weeks back. In N Out is a good burger but Shake Shack is far superior. Not a religious experience perhaps but really world class.