Friday, March 14, 2008

Wildwood Barbecue Hiring, Opening Seems Imminent


I just received an email from Josh "Mr. Cutlets" Ozersky, apparently the rumour I heard about Robby Richter was just that. As Mr Cutlets notes "The pitmaster at Wildwood will be Matt Fisher, a very good barbecuer and also author of the bbq blog Hampton Smoker. Corporate pitmaster will be Big Lou Elrose, formerly of Hill Country. Robbie is doing his own project with Zak Pelaccio

Wildwood Barbecue, the latest venture from B R Guest Restaurants, seems set to open soon as they are actively seeking staff. The location, Park Ave between 18th and 19th street formally housed Tapas bar Barca 18. I have high hopes for Wildwood as rumour has it that Robby Richter of Hill Country NY fame will be manning the pit, at least initially. Apparently there are plans afoot to open numerous Wildwoods across America. They are certainly entering an increasingly crowded barbecue market, what with Blue Smoke, Righteous Urban Barbecue (RUB) and the aforementioned Hill Country NY all in fairly close proximity. But after the success of BR Guest' Primehouse I don't doubt that Wildwood will be competative.


Backyard Chef said...

Hey there--

Indeed, I am the pitmaster for the NYC location of Wildwood BBQ. Big Lou Elrose is the corporate pitmaster-- he will oversee operations.

I hope you come and see us when we open up....I enjoy your blog a lot.



Nick said...

Thanks for the update, I am really looking forward to Wildwood opening, especially because I live a few blocks away. I can assure you that I will be visiting a soon as you are open.

Best of luck,


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

With Matt at the helm, I have VERY high hopes and expectations for Wildwood.

I've had Matt's BBQ in the past and trust me dude, this guy knows what he's doing.