Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Season's Meatings!

Happy New Year! I must apologize for my lack of contribution to this blog, a very busy Holiday season, a trip back home to the UK and the untimely death of both of my desktop PC's have all conspired to keep me from posting. I have, however, been eating and just to whet your appetite here are a few of the stories I am working on for Beef Aficionado:

Primehouse NY - I recently reviewed this newcomer most positively and it is fast becoming one of my favorite restaurant. I had the pleasure of meeting (or should I say meating) Executive Chef Jason Miller and I hope to interview him and bring you some in depth coverage of Primehouse in the very near future. Incidentally the fine piece of beef pictured above is the 50 days dry aged rib eye that I ate at Primehouse last night. I can not think of a better way to finish of the year.

Yakiniku West - This rural Japanese steakhouse located in the East Village serves up authentic Wagyu beef. Review coming soon.

A Tale of Two Cities. The Beef Aficionado eats at London's and NY's olderst reasturants, Rules amd Delmonico's respectively, in the same week.

UK burgers. My thoughts on a couple of gourmet UK burger chains.

LA LA Land. I will be in LA for a week this month and will have much to eat and review. I am especially looking forward to eating at Cut again.

Keens Steakhouse. One of my all time favorite steakhouses and a review I intended to finish a long time ago.

Small shoes to fill. Village newcomers Belcourt and The Smith take over spaces formally occupied by Frutti de Mare and Pizzeria Uno. The Beef Aficionado investigates.

Tuck Shop. Can an ex Pat from the UK find comfort in Australian style pies served in the East Village? Stay tuned.

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