Monday, January 14, 2008

LA Dining: Pann's

I am visiting LA for a week and my fist stop out of LAX is Pann's diner on La Tijera Blvd. Even if you have never been there chances are you have seen Pann's as it has been featured in numerous films including Pulp Fiction.

The interior is a wonderfully preserved example of the classic mid Century diner aesthetic

Chicken Fried Steak and country gravy, breakfast style with eggs and potatoes

The Chicken Fried Steak is wonderfully tender with a crispy peppery crust that somehow manges to resist becoming soggy under the envelopment of the velvety country gravy. This is the perfect treatment for potentially tough cuts of beef such as cube steak. While the eggs were a tad over cooked the potatoes had a crispy shell that gave way to a creamy buttery interior. The steak is also available for lunch and dinner and is served with side items in place of the eggs and 'taters.

House Specialty Chicken and Waffles

Bobcat Bite Burger

Inspired by the famous Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe, New Mexico this fresh ground USDA Choice burger comes piled high with Ortega green chilies on a home made bun. The Bobcat Bite was featured in George Motz' seminal film Hamburger America. While I have never had the pleasure of dining at the Bobcat Bite I have tried the chilies directly from the Bobcat Bite itself thanks to George Motz who had a secret stash at a screening of his film a few years back. I seem to remember the chilies from the 'Bite to be quite spicy, in comparison the Pann's incarnation had far milder chilies. Never the less I can certainly recommend the Pann's version of the sandwich, it was very tasty.

Pann's is a wonderful restaurant, beyond the alluring design the food is delicious. It is the perfect pit stop after flying in to LAX but it is more than worth the trip from much further afield.

6710 LaTijera
Los Angeles CA 90045

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