Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Harrow

You will have trouble finding a country pub that is paradoxically more quintessentially English and at the same time more unorthodox than the Harrow. Nestled in the hangers of Hampshire the quaint little pub offer a selection of local ales and wines as well as incredible home cooked meals yet steadfastly refuses to serve a Sunday Roast. In an age of brewery owned prefab gastro pubs with frozen menus The Harrow remains a family run Freehouse that serves food that is grown locally.

The edifice dates back to the 17th century

Ringwood Best Bitter. The Harrow has been listed in the Good Beer Guide for decades and even has an award for long service.

Home roasted rare beef. Served with mustard or horseradish the rosy beef had a classic, hearty flavor and comes served with huge chunks of bread and a farm fresh salad, often the veggies come directly from the pubs own garden.

Smoked salmon sandwich

The Beef Aficionado may have to concede that the home cured ham is best thing on the menu. Not that the beef is not delicious but the ham here is truly exceptional. It is wonderfully complimented by the home made chutney that is also served with cheese Ploughman's Lunch. It should be noted that the Harrow has made but a single concession when it comes to cholesterol and fat content, they now serve half the butter that they used to, however this still amounts to around 4 oz! Needless to say portion sizes are more than generous.

The Harrow also offers a selection of quiches and souffles as well a famous pea soup that uses their incredible ham. All the cooking is done on a Rayburn range with no microwave to be found on the premises.

It is comforting indeed to know that places like the Harrow still exist. Surely one of the last remaining bastions of a bygone era one can only hope that it remains open for at least as long as it has been open.

The Harrow
GU32 2DA
01730 262 685

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