Wednesday, September 5, 2007


One of NYC's top steaks can be found not in a steakhouse but in a storied little Italian restaurant that has been serving up delicious steak and pasta since 1932.

As much as I love Pietro's I cannot quibble with the woefully low 13 score for decor bestowed upon it by Zagat. It is, to be charitable, a rather drab room but one that somehow managed to still have a great atmosphere.

Shells a la Nat - Shells in Marrow sauce.

One of the most delectable pasta dishes I have ever eaten and my favorite menu item here is the Shells a la Nat. Named after founder Pietro Donini's brother Natale, the shells come in a creamy velvety marrow sauce . As good as the steak is at Pietro's I recommend you at least get an appetizer portion of this wonderful dish.

USDA Prime strip steak for two.

The massive hunk of dry aged steer is presented whole at the table and is then whisked away for carving. Moments later it reappears as perfectly apportioned square slices served with melted butter. This is truly great steak, the exterior perfectly charred, the dry aged prime imparting massive beefy flavor.

Perfectly cooked rare steak

Creamed spinach, as good an incarnation of the classic dish as you will find at a steakhouse.

Hash brown potato's, a superior incarnation of this classic dish to what you will find at a steakhouse. The potato's were perfectly cooked, crispy, golden and very flavorful yet were totally un-greasy. I have eaten more hash browns than I can remember but these were definitely memorable.

Just like the Ruffino wines featured here, Pietro's is not flashy or trendy but is instead a stead and totally dependable entity. The drab room aside the excellent food and good service make for a wonderful dining experience. Highly recommended.

232 E. 43rd St.
(bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.)
Manhattan, NY
212 682 9760

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The Scarecrow said...

Pietro's is hands down my favorite restaurant anywhere. My only gripe with your writeup is that you neglected an honorary mention for their world class parms.