Sunday, September 9, 2007

Goodburger Opens in Union Square

Goodburger has finally opened in Union Square. Back in May I extolled the virtues of this growing chain and today I grabbed a quick burger to see how the latest incarnation stacks up. Despite having only opened yesterday the burger was almost as good as those put out by the other locations I have tried. It fell behind the curve in presentation, the burger was rather sloppily assembled, and in exterior char. The latter problem will doubtlessly be rectified once a few thousand burgers have hit the grill and seasoned it.

The patty had plenty of flavor and juice but just needed a little more fire. Despite some nice grill marks the surface was just a little light in color.The rest of the ingredients were wonderfully fresh however. With the line at Shake Shack being so absolutely incomprehensibly long these days (It is a great burger but I wouldn't wait for Kobe beef as long as some people wait for a burger) Goodburger is a viable alternative in the area. And I would argue that it is a comparable, albeit different burger vis a vis the Shack. Many I am sure will prefer the flame grilling cooking method, and I doubt the line will be as long.

Good burger more than lives up to its name. The thoroughly modern room, replete with flat panel TV's , is definitely designed to handle large volume. Whether they can maintain the high standards of their other locations remains to be seen, but they are off to a good start.

870 Broadway
(between 17th & 18th St.)
Other Locations


Cookie Monster said...

Just had a Goodburger, Cheese with the works, and I have to admit that it's damn good for a growing fast food chain. The key word being chain. Juicy patty, fresh ingriedents, and a great bun! Yet the sauce, and hence the flavors were strangely familiar. I imagine that this it what Dave Thomas created at Wendy's well before it became a mega corporation. I hope it does get too much bigger, otherwise Wendy's always has value meals!

Nick said...

I think the secret to Goodburgers success lies in the use of fresh ingredients, they grind their beef in house, and good management and hence quality control. I initially had my doubts about Goodburgers ability to branch out and maintain the high standard of their first restaurant. The are proving me wrong.