Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kobe Club Clobbered by Zagat

When Frank Bruni gave Kobe Club no stars in his NY Times review early this year it prompted owner Jeffrey Chodorow to take out a full page add in the Grey Lady in defense of his establishment. I wonder what he will do now that Kobe Club only managed a paltry 20 for food in Zagat. Can the Zagat contributors expect a similar response from Chodorow? Given their anonymity he may just have to purchase Zagats email list and send out a mass letter. In any event it is a pitiful score for a restaurant that Zagat claims has an average meal price of $146. I take issue with the average cost figure Zagat site, that amount will barely buy you a Wagyu steak, the raison d'etre for dining here after all. Rearranging the numbers to $416 or $641 is the likely cost of admittance if you want to sample what is special here. And the Wagyu was excellent, but the rest of the meal although decent did not justify the cost of admittance. I also take issue with the decor score of 22, Kobe Club was frankly one of the most hideous rooms I have dined in.


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