Thursday, August 16, 2007

Craftsteak Revisted

Last month I gave a generally positive review to Craftsteak, my sole complaint was, ironically, that their domestic steak offering were less than impressive. But everything else from the appetizers to the Japanese Wagyu to the wine list and the service was excellent and certainly impressed me enough to tempt me back. On my most recent visit a near calamity was averted when I was fortunate enough to secure the last 6 ounces of Japanese Wagyu. Be warned that this is a possibility so make sure to call ahead and make sure that they have the Japanese Wagyu available.

Japanese Wagyu Carpaccio

Intensely marbled, deeply flavorful the Japanese Wagyu Carpaccio was absolutely spectacular. It ranks as one of my favorite appetizers in recent memory.

Last time I tried the Japanese Wagu at Craftsteak I though it was excellent but found the au jus, sprig of Rosemary and the fact that it was served sliced all superfluous. This time I requested my steak be served whole and sans adornments. To the restaurants credit my wish was granted. While the presentation was not as impressive and I probably ended up with more fat than if I had been served slice steak (not really a problem) it was a more satisfying experience. I like playing with my food.

Bearnaise, steak sauce, creamed horseradish and Chimichurri sauce

The quartet of sauces served along with the Wagyu tasted great, with the French fires. I don't understand why anyone would spend $30 an ounce for some of the finest steak on the planet only to mask in completely. I don't understand why a chef would give someone the option.

Both the Japanese Wagyu offerings I sampled were delectable but for what they cost they should be. The seafood was also wonderfully fresh and the Oyster mushrooms had a lovely earthy flavor but the rest of the meal did not impress as much as previous visits. The Tokyo turnips were just a little bland and the mountain of tepid fries were quite disappointing. The service was also not quite as doting as in the past. Much of the staff seemed preoccupied with , and flustered by some crisis that involved a large party at an adjacent table. So, not as a salubrious experience as in past visits. While the beef was top notch the falterings elsewhere made the cost of the meal a little high for the return.


85 10th Ave.

(bet. 15th & 16th Sts.)

Manhattan, NY

212 400 6699

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