Monday, April 7, 2008

Williamsburger - Dumont Burger

NB: I am not sure how this happened but I came across this post in my blog archives that for some reason was never published. So here it is, albeit a little later than intended. I will plan a return visit in the near future.

I shouldn't like the Dumont Burger as much as I do. If you read some of my earlier burger postings or my recent interview in A Hamburger Today you will see that I have a bias towards small griddle cooked burgers served on generic white rolls from places that have been open for decades. The Dumont burger is large, 8oz if you get the house burger, flame grilled on a brioche bun and it comes from a relatively new establishment. But I cannot argue with taste and despite the fact that this large burger is difficult to eat because of its height it is a wonderful juicy, beefy burger with a ton of flavor. In fact it has so much flavor that I recommend that you add the home made pickles, onion and lettuce to balance out the palate. I normally go for plain cheeseburgers with only a dab of ketchup but the Dumont burger benefits from the additions. Although the burger was cooked slightly beyond the medium rare that was ordered it was not dry at all and had a wonderful seared crust on the outside. I must also begrudgingly acknowledge that the brioche bun works really well in this application, the mild sweetness it imparts juxtaposing nicely with the charred exterior of the patty. There is also a 5oz mini burger on the menu that is served on a ciabatta, I prefer the smaller patty size but not the bread choice. In any event both are very good burgers indeed.

DuMont Burger
314 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY
(718) 384-6127


MrsDocChuck said...

To be honest, that burger looks too big and round for my liking. I prefer flatter burgers.

I don't get out to Williamsburg that often, but if I do, I might try one of their "miniburgers."

BigBear said...

Actually, my girlfriend chiff0nade (mrsdocchuck)has NEVER been to Williamsburg, and will likely NEVER try one of the "miniburgers."

And, her husband is NOT a dentist. She doesn't have a husband (although she has had FOUR husbands during her 50 years).

She doesn't live in NYC (although she was born and raised in Brooklyn, where her mother worked in a factory and her father was a milkman until he ran off with a 19-year old floozie and abandoned them).

She lives with me in my trailer house here in Clearwater, Florida. Her fourth ex-husband brought her here and then divorced her by e-mail (she posted that on her website, by the way).

So, when I met her at the county jail I immediately fell in love with her. BUT, she is still having a few problems adjusting to her past problems and her present situation.

She fixates on some guy she calls DocChuck. She has a abnormal HATRED for someone she calls Sandra Lee. She "sees" what she thinks are "impersonators" and "stalkers" and "trolls" on the internet . . . and her visions cause her to drink too much.

But I still love her because . . . well, I guess I can't go into that on this forum.

Jeremy Burger said...

You should really go to Dumont, the full on restaurant, on Metropolitan and Union in Williamsburg. This will sound silly, but the burgers are almost exactly identical - BUT there's one slight difference that makes me like Dumont's burger over Dumont Burger's burger. Pickled onions. They make the burger have a whole different flavor.