Saturday, June 2, 2007

National Hamburger Month Supplemental Edition - LA Story

OK I know I owe you a final burger review and wrap up post for National Burger Month, and I promise it is imminent. However I am in LA for a week and foolishly left the manuscript (actually datafile) on my desktop PC which decided to crash denying me remote access. To atone for this sin my first stop from the airport was In-N-Out Burger, and what a glorious experience. I just finished eating a month worth of burgers, including some truly fine specimens, but In-N-Out Burger completely changed my perspective. Not because the beef tasted better than say PJ Clarks, although it does taste great, nor because the bun is fresher than Blue 9, although it probably actually is, or because it has a more storied history than White Manna, although again you could argue that it does, but because this is fast food.

While I have not eaten at other locations, all accounts are that a high standard is maintained across the entire chain. The fact that you can walk into any of the numerous locations and get a product of this quality is staggering. I have crossed city and state lines and traveled for hours to seek out burgers of this quality. In-N-Out is so good that I am amazed that any other fast food burger chains can stay open around them. This will not be the last In-N-Out visit of my trip, more to come....

In-N-Out Burger

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