Friday, June 8, 2007

Hope For Firefighters BBQ

After digesting some tasty Tacos from Ye Olde Taco House #1 I made my way up the hill to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Grand Street for a little culture. While I spent some time at the MOCA it was not nearly enough to build up an appetite for what was awaiting me on the route back to my hotel. At first I thought I must be dreaming when I smelt the unmistakable aroma of barbecue, but as I approached Hope street I noticed some fire engines an a large plume of smoke billowing heavenwards, my interest thoroughly piqued I went against instinct and headed towards the fire engines and smoke. And lucky I did as I inadvertently stumbled upon the tenth annual Hope for Firefighters charity event benefiting the Los Angeles Fire Department Widows and Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund which featured live music and a lot of food. There was some serious grilling and barbecuing going on and all for a worthy cause:

The crown was enormous, and enormously hungry.

Fortunately there was plenty of food for all.

Carne Asada.

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