Friday, June 8, 2007

Boa Steakhouse

Located in the Grafton Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood Boa is a thoroughly modern interpretation of the steakhouse; dimly lit with an inventive decor and a low droning soundtrack, and despite an expansive facade the actual dining room is quite intimate with a low ceiling and closely clustered tables. Unfortunately being seated next to a party of 10 or so giddy advertising executives in a room with a low ceiling does not make for a salubrious dining experience. A more experienced staff would have understood this and not booked such large party in such a confined space, but to their credit the staff was quick to accommodate a re-seating request.

However, all did not go smoothly even after the move to a quieter table. Although the BLT salad was excellent the 9oz of Japanese Wagyu, that was ordered medium rare along with creamed spinach and hash browns, did not exactly make it intact. What was delivered was 6oz of beautifully cooked, delectable looking Wagyu along with 3oz of completely over cooked strips of meat that the waiter claimed was also Wagyu but looked like Carne Asada. Apparently something had gone wrong with the order, the over cooked beef went back and a new one ordered along with the hash brown potatoes that were cold. The steak mishap was a costly mistake for the restaurant at $16 an ounce. It was too bad because the food that was served was excellent. The steak was succulent and deeply flavorful. Not quite the equal of Cut's rib eye in terms of marbling and sheer buttery texture but it trumped the latter in terms of traditional beef flavor.

Japanese Wagyu NY cut strip steak

The creamed spinach was tasty and had a touch of basil that was a nice addition to the normal fare. Unfortunately the potatoes never reappeared although an additional 3oz of beef did materialize albeit slightly under cooked. Despite the missteps Boa was an enjoyable meal, the beef was excellent, the sides credible and the atmosphere, once removed from the large party, was intimate. I am willing to grant that they had an off night, and while I absolutely preferred the dinner I had at Cut earlier in the week, I would give Boa another try.

Boa Steakhouse
Grafton Hotel
8462 W. Sunset Blvd.
(La Cienega Blvd.)
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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