Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party - Southside Market

A perennial favorite at the BABBP Southside Market has in years past produced some of the tastiest brisket and sausage around and this year was no exception. The recipe for the Southside sausage dates back 123 years and it shows. The so called "Elgin Hot Guts" have a wonderful peppery hotness along with deep beef flavor encased in a crunchy skin; they literally explode with barbecue goodness when bitten.

Southside served their brisket and sausage with onions, pickles, bread, American cheese and their own sauce.

The brisket is usually no slouch alas it was disappointingly dry on the first day, a return visit, warranted by the sausage alone, yielded far better results. The brisket on day two was moist and flavorful with hearty smoke flavor, a great compliment to the sausage.

Another strong showing for Southside. Too bad they are so far away, but fortunately they offers their sausages via mail order so we won't have to wait until next year to satisfy our Hot Gut graving.

Southside Market Website


Claude said...

I actually thought the brisket was outstanding on the first day from South Side Market. In fact, it was far more moist than Salt Lick's brisket on day one. Are you sure you are not confusing the two establishments, or day one with day two?

Nick said...

No confusion but I did notice that I got an end piece that may have contributed to its dryness along with the aforementioned staffing problems.