Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party - Baker's Ribs

Hailing from Dallas Texas Baker's Ribs offered up hickory smoked brisket and beans at their concession at the BABBP. Baker's Ribs has 6 locations in Texas and a lone outpost in Minneapolis, MN. but judging from their website they also do a lot of catering and parties.

While other pits offered a variety of meats with an assortment of side dishes Baker's kept it simple offering just brisket and beans.

Unfortunately despite some great hickory flavor and a lovely smoke ring on the brisket it was a bit dry and tough. I noticed that this year their was a lot of local help hired to man the registers and serve the food, perhaps their inexperience led to the brisket sitting around longer than it should have. Potentially a delicious piece of beef but it fell just short of the mark today.

Bakers Ribs Website

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