Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2007

For the fifth straight year the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party (BABBP) rolled into town this weekend and hungry New Yorkers were treated to some tasty barbecue from some of the nations leading pit masters. And while there was some disappointment's, such as the absents of local hero Adam Perry Lang of Daisy May USA and the fact the Blue Smoke decided to cook chicken , there was also some high points including the emergence of a promising new comer to the NYC BBQ scene.

For the uninitiated the BABBP takes place in and around Madison Square Park. Pitmasters set up their rigs along Madison Avenue and across 26th street and long lines form in the street as hungry patrons wait for their 'Cue. Food is served on simple plates for $8 and usually includes meat and a side or two along with bread. Just as with past years a "Bubba fast pass" was available that allowed one to skip the long lines. For $100 the Bubba pass grants you $84 worth of food but the savings in time make it worth so much more.

While there was certainly a lot of pork in the form of shoulder, ribs and even whole hog there was also more than enough to beef for the aficionado, while most pits concentrated on brisket there were also some excellent beef ribs and even prime rib to be found! To keep things tidy I will post on each pit separately.

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