Wednesday, May 9, 2007

National Burger Month Day 9- brgr

Following Danny Meyers lead with Shake Shack it seems that more and more Chefs are trying their hand at the hamburger, the latest is Chris Russell or Moomba, TanDa, and Sage fame. Where as the Shack is pure unabashed comfort food brgr strives to provide a healthier version of the fast food staple, using organic ingredients, whole wheat alternatives and grass fed beef. Located on 7th Ave the space is a beautifully renovated store front with raw brick and exposed beams. The Mid Century styling of the furniture provides a pleasing contrast to the stripped down interior.

The restaurant is definitely designed to cope with a large volume, a long counter provides both seating and plenty of room to lay out the myriad of burgers options, there is even a dedicated bread station in the back.

A long grill provides plenty of real estate to cook the grass fed patty's sourced from Montana Legend. The burgers come dressed in the classic California model in lettuce, onion, tomato and brgr's special sauce.

While there is no denying the quality and freshness of the ingredients I have a couple of issues with the burger at brgr. Firstly, and this is easily correctable, the grill is just not hot enough. The patty does not get charred in the way burger lovers so prize. The other problem has to do with the beef itself, it is just far too lean, perhaps as a function of it being grass fed. Grass fed beef is much lower in cholesterol and fat than grain fed beef, it also has a much earthier flavor. Unfortunately these are not traits that make for good hamburgers. brgr makes a quality product, the restaurant is clean and efficient, the food fresh but I just cannot enjoy the burger because frankly, it is too healthy.

287 Seventh Ave.,

New York, NY 10001
(212) 488-7500