Sunday, May 6, 2007

National Burger Month Day 6 - Old Town

A quintessentially NY gin mill, Old Town is a dark, some might say seedy bar which serves up a burger that is actually fairly good. The bun/beef ratio is just about perfect, the beef itself is of good quality, pleasently fatty and flavorful with a pleasing texture and is prepared as ordered.

Served on a well toasted seeded bun with a generous portion of cheese the burger comes accompanied by some tasty pickles, onion, tomatoes and lettuce. While the burger is decent, it is a bit small for the $10 price. With so many good burger spots so close by, and Goodburger opening around the corner, it is hard to recommend this place for the burgers these days, but for a bit of old New York it is worth a drink.

Old Town
45 Easy 18th St
212 529 6732

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