Wednesday, May 30, 2007

National Burger Month Day 30 - Stand

Stands inclusion in the NY Post's top burger list in its May 30th edition confounded me, especially because the recommendation came from Mr Hamburger America himself George Motz. I had eaten at Stand about a month before and was not impressed. The beef was definitely good quality and the place had a nice minimalist interior, more akin to a sushi bar or nightclub than a burger shop. But the bun ruined the burger for me. The burger is on the smaller side, maybe 7oz tops but the bun is just enormously tall and difficult to eat. This was made worse by the injudiciousness of the bun cutters blade, Look at this burger:

It looks like it is wearing a Yarmulke. I resorted to a knife and fork to eat it and vowed never to return. But because of George's recommendation I decided to give Stand another shot. I was equally disappointed. The bread, while cut better, is still way too big for the task at hand and is too stiff and uncompliant. It also has an unwelcome sweetness.
Worse, the beef, despite the wooden stake stuck into declaring it "rare" was medium and quite dry. In fact the more that I think about it the burger was actually shockingly bad. overcooked, dry, and over rated. How disappointing.

24 East 12th Street (5th & Univ.)
New York, NY 10003

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