Tuesday, May 29, 2007

National Burger Month Day 29 - Zip Burger

Yet another "chef driven" burger shop, this time from Les Halles alumnist Ted Pryor, that strives to provide an all natural, healthier approach to fast food. Oh Boy, here we go again. Actually the burger did not seem compromised in any way except execution at Zip.

The patty was very flavorful and juicy, definitely one of the better tasting in this current survey but was cooked beyond the requested rare. which sapped some life from it. The bun however ruined the burger as it was stone cold, as if it had just come from the fridge and asymmetrically cut with a very large head . I am assuming that no chef would design a recipe this way deliberatly so it must have been a case of pilot error. Never the less I would recommend you ask for your bun to be warmed if you go to Zip. And I am not sure I would recommend you do with PJ Clarkes and Goodburger so close by. Beyond the easily correctable problem with the bun the burger at Zip is fine but personally I felt it lacked "soul," there was nothing inherently wrong with it but it just did not grab me.

Zip Burger
300 1/2 E. 52nd St

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