Monday, May 28, 2007

National Burger Month Day 28 - Wollensky's Grill

I love Smith and Wollensky steakhouse. It is one of my favorite restaurants although I don't eat there as much as I used to, only about once a week these days. I had not eaten a burger at the adjacent Wollensky's Grill in sometime but I remember it as being very good. My recent experiences with steakhouse burgers where not so great, could the Grill come through? Yes and no. It certainly bests the other burgers I tried from Lugers, Keens and the Old Homestead in that it was perfectly cooked, edible with hands, and the bun was perfect for the task. The meat as with all Steakhouse burgers was great, but also oversized which leads it to get a bit sloppy. I have really come to appreciate the elegant daintiness of the slider but really anything up to around 7-8 oz is manageable in my book. Most steakhouses serve up closer to 10oz of beef which makes the burgers hard to eat and messy.

The ingredients here are all fresh, the bun well toasted and the beef served sizzling from the same grill that churns out some of NY's best steaks. And while this is a really good tasting burger I still find the beef too coarsely ground and just too big, the bun/beef ratio is off. So definitely the best of the Steakhouse burgers but at almost $15 it can compete with other steakhouses but not, say PJ Clarkes right up the street or Balthazar downtown. Go to S&W and the Grill for the steaks and chops, leave the burgers to others.

Wollensky's Grill
201 E. 49th St.
(3rd Ave.)
Manhattan, NY

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