Friday, May 25, 2007

National Burger Month Day 25 - Sparky's

I am convinced that you can not make a burger "healthy" and tasty at the same time. Sparky's bolstered this argument to a much greater degree than I could imagine The very concept of a hamburger, taking some of the fattiest cuts of beef, cooking it up, often with some cheese and slapping it on a bleached white wheat bun, flies in the face of either health or nutrition. The healthier one makes a burger by cutting fat, and adding whole grains to the bun the further one gets away from what makes a burger so great. A guilty greasy comforting union of bread and beef.

Sparky's, a two store chain located in Soho and Williamsburg Brooklyn, uses only organically grown and responsibility farmed produce. This is fine, I love organic food, I eat it all the time as it generally tastes great. I have had plenty of grass fed beef also. It too tastes great but Hamburgers need fat and when you don't put any in I don't care if you use the finest prime grade Angus steer your burger ain't going to be any good. Sparky's burgers ain't no good. The burger is sort of rubbery with a displeasing texture and has an odd flavor reminiscent of falafel seasoning. Enough said, if you like burger don't eat Sparky's. If you are worried about your health don't eat burgers.


333 Lafayette St
New York, NY

135A N. 5th St.,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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