Sunday, May 20, 2007

National Burger Month Day 20 - Schnack

From what I had read about Schnack I really expected a modern polished Formica clad homage too fast food. Instead I walked into a decidedly bohemian restaurant that serves some very tasty little burgers and other comfort foods.

Schnack have dubbed their little sliders "Schnakies," they consist of a 1.5oz fresh beef patty on a tasty little oval shaped bun and comes with cheese and dressed with Schnack sauce, a spicy 1000 Island variant. I did not care for the latter condiment but the burgers are very good otherwise. The beef tasted fresh, the cheese was nicely melted and the bun is spongy and full of life, although the shape is a bit perturbing. All in all Schnack is a fun little place with some tasty food.

122 Union St
Brooklyn NY
718 855 2879

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