Thursday, May 17, 2007

National Burger Month Day 17 - Sassy's Sliders

I ate Sassy's Sliders quite a few times back in the 1990's when they occupied a storefront on East 9th or 10th street street in the East Village. At their best I recall the little burgers were really very good, offering an edible version of the White Castle burger replete with a very authentic tasting bun. Unfortunately as time went on the standards went south rapidly and I stopped going altogether. I assumed, unsurprised, that they had become defunct when I happened past one day and saw the space empty. It turns out they actually packed up and moved to the Upper East Side. Could the move north reverse Sassy's southward slide?

Unfortunately not completely. The restaurant itself looks far more appealing being relatively clean, brightly lit although less spacious than their old digs. The menu has not changed much but the quality of the ingredients are better than I remember them, the small beef patty tasted fresh, the pickle was nice and crunchy and the bun was wonderful. But the whole thing was slapped together with no care, the cheese was completely cold and did not even cover the meat, instead just hanging off the side. Sliders at their best positively ooze with molten cheese, it seems an afterthought here.

It is too bad because these could be really good if they would only take a little time to cook everything properly and a little effort into assembly. I would still recommend checking them out if you are on the UES, I may have just been there on an off night. The burgers definitely have potential.

Sassy's Sliders

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