Wednesday, May 16, 2007

National Burger Month Day 16 - White Castle

I must admit, that because I grew up in England and was never exposed to them as a child that I have never "gotten" White Castle Hamburgers. Frankly I find them repulsive, mealy, soggy. sour tasting little sponges. But I imagine that most Americans would find food that I grew up eating, like fried bread and steak and kidney pudding equally unappealing.During the course of the last year I have eaten a lot of burgers and some of my favorites have been sliders. So I decided to venture in to a White Castle again and try to approach it with an open mind.

There is only one White Castle left in Manhattan. This is not surprising. Even by the woefully low standards of fast food restaurants in the Big Apple White Castle manages to lower the bar. The food is so poor that it is not really worth taking about. I am sure that the White Castle of yore, during the golden age of the slider,before everything became prepackaged frozen rubbish was incredibly scrumptious. Sadly the current incarnation has been reduced to the lowest common denominator.

If one wants to really experience what White Castle once must have tasted like one needs to seek out White Diamond, White, Manna or White Mana in New Jersey. I will cover all three in a future post but unless you go there for nostalgic purposes I really don't recommend the Castle.

White Castle

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Anonymous said...

silly goose, the industrial strength post-nuclear holocaust nastiness is the whole point of white castle. It has ALWAYS been mass produced like this, even in the days of yore to which you refer. The founders even pioneered precision punched holes in the patty to make it cook faster and use less beef. nostalgia makes bad things good, and that my friend is the point of white castle. what's taste got to do with it?