Wednesday, May 2, 2007

National Burger Month Day 1 - Blue Smoke

I wanted to go to Shake Shack to kick off National Burger Month but got there too late in the evening so I figured I would try another of Danny Meyer's burgers and headed over to his Barbecue restaurant Blue Smoke. Just as when I go to a Steakhouse and have a hard time ordering a burger with all those steaks on the menu, at Blue Smoke I had a hard time just ordering a burger what with all that juicy 'Cue on the menu. But these are the types of sacrifices I am prepared to make for you, dear reader.

So I ordered a rare cheddar burger which promptly arrived. All in all not a bad burger at all. Large and plump, cooked perfectly rare with a charred exterior, the beef had decent flavor but was not as juicy as I would like. The cheese was perfectly melted and the pickles where seriously good. The sesame seeded bun was quite pleasing, engulfing the patty in it's pillowy embrace but I found the whole object too large to handle and resorted to knife and fork. Burger size is an issue I intend to touch on as the month goes on because I have a personal bias against a burger that I cannot effectively consume with my hands, or preferably just one.

In any case Blue Smoke definitely does a very decent Hamburger. The beef is fresh and of high quality and it is nicely cooked. However, with the Shack so close by and all that tasty barbecue on the menu I am not sure I will eat this burger again anytime soon. I know that it is highly regarded but I was not blown away. Not dissatisfied but not blown away. Perhaps because I knew my mission the next day would be the mighty Shack.

Blue Smoke
116 E. 27th St.
(bet. Lexington Ave. & Park Ave. S.)
Manhattan, NY

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