Thursday, May 31, 2007

National Burger Month Cookin' @ Home - The Bourgeois Burger

Here is a little burger I came up with. It is called the Bourgeois burger because it uses freshly ground USDA prime dry aged rib eye seasoned with Kosher salt, pepper and crushed coriander seeds and served with Bearnaise sauce, Maitre D'Hotel butter and minced shallots. The only common ingredient is the Martin's Potato roll which is slathered in Maitre D'Hotel butter and griddled until golden. The burger is actually slider size because I use Martin's sliced Potato rolls as opposed to the larger sandwich rolls. I do this partially because I love sliders but mostly because I make the burgers in small amounts since I use scraps from the weekly Beef Aficionado rib eye steak night for the burgers. This allows me to make the burgers very fatty and full of that earthy, musky, blue cheese like dry age flavor that we love around here.

I cook them in a cast iron skillet which I heat up for at least 15 minutes on high so that it is ridiculously hot. Sprinkled water should evaporate instantly on the skillet, not sizzle and sputter. I add around a teaspoon of peanut oil to the skillet and then gently the place small 1.5 oz patties, which are brought to room temperature for at least an hour out of the fridge, in the skillet pressing down just enough to provide maximum contact. The idea is to completely sear the outside while allowing the inside to remain rare. Never mash down on a burger unless you want a dry hockey puck . They cook very quickly yet remain plump and bulging with juice and flavor. I cook the buns on a separate non stick griddle using the flavored butter until they are golden and crispy and exude a croissant like texture. The burger must be allowed to sit on plate for 5 or so minutes and is then placed on the warm bun, minced shallots go on the bottom and Bearnaise goes on top. A tasty little snack which will break the bank and give you a heart attack. Sounds good?

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