Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grass or Grain?

The OC Register has an interesting article on the grass fed / grain fed debate. Link.


DocChuck said...

I sympathize with "CalifMom" . . . I really do. I have been there and have done that, although apparently not on the same scale that Mom apparently did.

Our purchases of grass-fed beef ended up being fed to the pets.

Perhaps we are spoiled by eating well-marbled, grain-finished beef.

So be it … the ONLY reason my wife and I eat beef is because we LIKE it, and we DO NOT like grass-fed beef (and we can afford to eat whatever we please!).

No amount of ADVERTISING and MARKETING is going to persuade us to eat tough, flavorless beef.

When we cannot get the type of beef we prefer (grain-fed) we will no longer consume beef.

It’s that simple, Mr. Cattle Producers.

All of the "Beef Associations" and all the "media" types on the planet will NOT con us into buying your hyped-up, Wall-Street-Marketed crap.

End of rant.


p.s. as a 65-year-old former farmer . . . I KNOW edible beef when I taste it!

Nick said...

Thanks for the comment DocChuck, I don't think there is any danger of Grass feed taking over the market, it is simply too expensive and "boutiquie" for mass consumption. While I appreciate the passion and care for the animal that many grass fed producers take I don't think that grass fed beef is appropriate for either burgers or steaks, foods that require intense heat for preparation. Grass fed beef needs to be cooked at lower temperatures lest it become tough and rubbery. This was confirmed during my month of burgers and at Craftsteak a few months back when I sampled grain and grass fed NY strips side by side, both dry aged. While the grass had an interesting earthy flavor it lacked the complex and robust flavors of the grain fed steak.

However, I must admit that the finest single cut of beef I have ever eaten was a dry aged grass fed prime rib of Aberdeen Angus at the Rib Room & Oyster Bar In London.

So grass fed beef probably fairs better when one employs slower cooking. I will investigate this further and report back.